Collection: VA Licenses

Our Virtual Assistant License is a wonderful investment into your VA business!
If you are a VA you may not use my products for clients unless you are watermarking with YOUR VA logo (not your client’s logo) OR having your client purchase the graphics as well. This is perfectly acceptable but you may have clients who want THEIR logo on the graphics you post or you may not want to have to ask clients to purchase something on top of paying your VA rate already! 
Our yearly VA license covers all content plans, graphics and business tools on the respective year's drive or template ticket to be used with unlimited VA clients. This means that you do not need to ask your clients to purchase my products as well for you to use them for engagement within their groups or watermark with your logo and not their logo...this can be a big selling point for you to offer to run parties for them and supply engagement graphics and other interaction tools for them without having to ask them to also purchase.
Alternatively you can still use my products as a VA but your clients must also have purchased them as well UNLESS you are watermarking with YOUR VA logo (not theirs) - meaning things like facelift kits, postcard templates, etc cannot be used for a VA client unless you have my license or add YOUR watermark to the graphics.
If you have any questions let us know at