Policies & Disclaimers

👉 As a business you should have these things in place already but even if they are already in your MAIN group or on your website you will want to make sure they are also noted in your parties! 

👉 If you don’t have any yet here is a quick overview of what you should be figuring out…

TAT (Turnaround time): 

Make sure this is clearly stated both in your parties and on your website! Mine was 3-4 weeks when I was selling prints I had to order. I’ve built up my inventory over about 6 months and now depending on the season I have my TAT at 2-3 weeks (I live in a rural area where mail takes a tad longer at times so I don’t get shirts as quickly) but you should state this clearly and consider using business days as well so customers understand if you don’t work on the weekends.

Make sure to have a policy set for this! If a customer ordered the wrong size (make sure you have size charts posted on your website and in the party!) will you accept exchanges? What if someone received their shirt and states it is damaged? You will of course want to inspect all products before pressing and again before packaging but if you do get a complaint you have a clear policy to refer to and to use to make decisions on how to proceed. Branding Boss Babes has some great info in her exclusive group with some verbiage you can use or adapt but here is what I started out with in my parties:

Thanks so much for supporting my small business! Most of my items are hand-pressed or made by me. My materials are also ordered once a week for regular orders or after party close for party orders. Because of this please allow between 2 to 3 weeks turnaround time for your order to ship or be ready for pickup unless another timeframe has been discussed and agreed on.

I inspect all items upon receipt and before packaging. If you happen to find any issues with your order please contact me within 3 days of delivery/pickup. The heat press can leave press lines which go away with first wash, but if you notice any other defects before washing or wearing please contact me to discuss. No refunds can be given after a shirt has been worn or washed so please inspect your items thoroughly and make sure to follow proper care instructions for washing and drying your shirts.

Size charts are posted in each party and can be found on my website so refunds will not be given for incorrect size but I will be happy to create a return label for you to send back any shirt (except for custom orders) in the wrong size and exchange for correct size.

Make sure to refer to your policies in a quick post in the group, a pinned information post, a link to the policies page on your website, etc. so you can cover yourself in the event of any issues or miscommunications!

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