Party Planning



Before we recruit a hostess we need to have a general idea of how we want to schedule our parties. I like a 3 day party personally because it gives enough time to do some fun and games and allow everyone to have a chance to join and shop and it’s not too long and drawn out where it loses engagement and momentum after the first few days. If you are selling shirts with designs you DO NOT have in hand you also run more risk with a longer party of a screen selling out before you get your order in. This guide is going to work with a 3 day party but of course you can always make changes to fit your business if you think a shorter or longer party will serve you best!


You’ll also want to decide how often to book parties. Do you want to do one a week, two a week, twice a month, etc? I started off doing every other week because my husband wasn’t living at home when I started (thanks to Covid) so I had to be realistic about what was possible with 3 kids (one was a newborn) and being able to manage normal orders plus tee party orders. But some can rock parties every week or even a couple per week! You will just need to find the groove that works for you! If you are brand new I would consider starting small. Book one hostess as a trial run OR book every other week or once a month and if you get the hang of it after the first one or two then you can fill in the gaps with new hostesses! 


You’ll also want to decide when to run parties. I like to start my parties on Wednesdays and close them on Fridays. Tuesdays are when I create my group, upload my cover photo and post my descriptions and introduction and notifications information and then work with my hostess to start inviting I consider it my pre-party day! I wanted to avoid running parties on Monday’s Monday.....and figured hump day through Friday is a great time where people are usually more hyped and relaxed plus a lot of people end up getting paid the last day of the party! Friday to Sunday would work great, too! Just remember, there are no set rules! Pick what works for you and your hostess! 

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