My Tee Party Tips ☺️

👉 Make sure you have a VIP Group for your business! A group is so much better for engagement and success in your business. Typically your posts are seen way more! My page does not perform nearly as well as my group posting the same posts and a VIP group gives you a better connection with your customers and allows you to create more of a community! Groups have more tools to help you learn about your customers and engagement as well! 

👉 Consider investing in a Shopify website! It is $29 a month for the basic website plan and you will likely need a third-party options app to set up apparel style choices (short sleeve, long sleeve, hoodies, etc), shirt size choices, color choices, etc. That will run you around $50-75 a month but if your tee parties take off it is WELL worth the money to save the time spent tracking party orders and sending invoices after the party! Even if you don’t want to use it in your parties because commenting “sold” does better for you can still invoice from it for your parties and load up all your shirts there to sell outside of parties!

👉 Make sure you have one of my tee party graphics bundles! Not to toot my own horn but I work very hard to make them more than just graphics! The bundles are more like a well thought out tee party system and my guides will help you utilize them! They all have a TON of coordinating party graphics (basic posts, info posts, engagement posts and games) for use from start to finish and include blank graphics for you to make your own as needed! Many of them can be used in your VIP groups or Facebook page posts as well!

👉 Make sure you have your hostess rewards planned out! I have changed mine a couple times as I have grown and learned. But you will want to have this ready before finding a hostess so you can let them know what they are working for! I started out with a simple 1 free shirt for every 10 sold. My first party sold 117 shirts. My hostess got 11 free shirts. Here are some fun ideas I have used!
- A free can cooler or something small and easy just for can grab some from Amazon or Etsy and put a cute pocket screen on them!
- 1 free shirt for every 10 sold up to 10 free shirts (you can decide how to limit this or if they get any shirt or only single color, some single, some full, etc)
- A free tote bag or tumbler at 75 shirts sold
- At 100 shirts they get a free sweatshirt or hoodie or some other “big ticket” item!

👉 Mix it up! Your rewards don’t have to stay the same! Consider how direct sales companies have different hostess specials each month. That’s a great way to keep it fresh and even have hostesses wanting to host again! This is the best part of tee parties as a small business owner – you get to make this your own!

👉 Do you have some items on hand that you haven’t sold and want to utilize? Offer it as a monthly hostess special for booking…example verbiage below 👇

“🔥 All parties booked this month will get a free ____ on top of my normal hostess rewards! Limited spots! Message me to book your party now! 🔥”

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