Hostess Recruiting

🔥 Let’s get you a hostess! 🙌

👉 If you’ve never had a tee party before you can simply be real about it when searching for your first hostess! I posted one of my “Hostess Wanted” graphics and a short blurb introducing the idea! Check out my actual first ever hostess recruitment post below that got me my first 2 hostesses👇 

👉 You can also post a good photo of a recent stack of shirts from regular orders and make a post like “who wants to earn a nice stack of new tees FOR FREE?! 🤯 Message me for the details!”

👉 If you HAVE had tee parties before and just want some new ideas for recruitment posts what about posting a recent hostess rewards photo like my post below 👇 

☝️ This post not only shows the potential rewards to a prospective hostess but also validates your business and success! 

‼️👉 If you have no luck with making a post (it happens!) you can either sweet talk a good friend or family member into hosting one OR you can host a mystery hostess party! A mystery hostess party can be done in your VIP group or a separate group where you get to invite all your friends, family and customers and they can invite their friends too and the rewards build up with sales and at the end a mystery hostess is chosen based on a points system or a drawing based on entries! These can be super successful because EVERYONE has a chance at earning the hostess rewards and has more incentive to participate and purchase in hopes of winning the rewards! (More info on Mystery Hostess parties to come in a more detailed blog post down the road but happy to answer any questions in the meantime if you post in my group ❤️)



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