Hostess Prepping

👉 There are different ways people prepare their hostesses. I know some do very thorough interviews to get to know each hostess and tailor the party to them...but I do not go into as much detail when I’m talking with a hostess.

👉 My biggest question to my hostesses is “What kinds of designs would you like to see or do you think would appeal to your friends and family?” I like to get a feel for what they are most interested in seeing. I offer what I have in stock on my website but also will find any screens I don’t have that my hostess really wants to see for her party. Example: I have a lot of religious/mom/farming designs because of what my regular customers like to see but if a hostess is a teacher or nurse and has a lot of coworkers who will likely join the party then I will definitely seek out some occupational prints they may relate to.

👉 And like all direct sales people will tell you - you need to let each hostess know that their engagement in the party is linked to their success! You don’t need to go into algorithms and be extremely detailed...just let them know that a like or love, comments and participation on all posts will help posts get seen better, encourage more interaction and increase the likelihood of a successful party and rewards!

👉 One last BIG piece of advice for working with your hostesses - NO SCRIPTS! Please have your hostesses be authentic in what they post! Give them a guide or some talking points but let them construct the messages themselves. It is so easy to see when something is just a quick copy/paste and can be a turn off for many!

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